part of a sophisticated and coordinated operation

A Gulf tanker which was damaged in an attack blamed on Iran is set to dock there just eight weeks later. 

The Norwegian tanker Andrea Victory has recovered its cargo of vegetable oil and is heading for the port of Bandar Imam Khomeini on the Iranian coast, according to tracking data. 

The vessel was left with a hole in its hull after the mystery sabotage attack off the UAE coast on May 12. 

Washington blamed Iran for agen bandarq terpercaya the attacks, which also targeted two Saudi tankers, but Tehran denied involvement in a furious exchange of rhetoric which sent Middle East tensions spiralling.

The Norwegian tanker Andrea Victory was left with a hole in its hull (pictured) after the mystery sabotage attack off the UAE coast on May 12, blamed on Iran 

According to tracker Refinitiv Energy, the Victory had to stop at a dry dock to unload its vegetable oil cargo while the ship was repaired. It is believed to have picked up the cargo in Argentina.  

The cargo was apparently transferred to another tanker, the AQUADISIAC, for storage in the meantime. 





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The two vessels then carried out a ship-to-ship transfer in Fujairah on the UAE coast to return the cargo to the Victory. 

Now, according to the trackers, it is waiting to dock at Bandar Imam Khomeini despite the alleged Iranian attack on the ship just 58 days ago.  

It is unclear who owns the cargo. 

A diagram showing recent military movements and attacks in the tense Middle East region

A UAE investigation found that the May 12 attacks were linked to a ‘state actor’ but did not name Iran. 

The attacks were carried out with limpet mines and were ‘part of a sophisticated and coordinated operation’, the report found. 

The tanker attacks inflamed an already tense Middle East stand-off and prompted the U.S. to bolster its military presence in the region. 

Matters worsened just four weeks later when another two ships were hit by explosions in the Gulf of Oman. 

Forty-four sailors were forced to abandon their ships amid a huge fireball on the MT Front Altair and another blast on the Kokuka Courageous. 

It came as Iran was holding high-stakes talks with Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe in a bid to defuse the crisis.

Tensions deepened four weeks after the Victory was attacked when another two ships were hit by explosions in the Gulf of Oman (pictured)  

America again blamed Iran, releasing a video which purported to show Iranian revolutionary guard forces removing an unexploded limpet mine from one of the ships. 

Iran once again denied any involvement, rejecting what it called the Pentagon’s ‘baseless’ claims. 

Britain, situs bandarq which backed the American claim, was also dragged into the crisis last week when it intercepted an Iranian tanker off Gibraltar. 

Authorities intercepted the supertanker Grace 1, saying they believed it to be violating European Union sanctions by carrying a shipment of Iranian crude oil to Syria. 

A detachment of Royal Marines from 42 Commando boarded the vessel in a joint operation with the Royal Gibraltar Police.

But Iran has said that the oil tanker intercepted in Gibraltar on Thursday was not headed for Syria.