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There are many reasons why manypeople wanted to we learn how to ride a motorcycle. Most of the time, peoplelearn how to ride because they wanted to experience the thrill and excitementof riding on the open roads with only you and the machine beneath you. There isa different level of excitement in riding a bike compare to driving a car andthat is the one thing that attracts many people to learn how to ride. However, aside from the thrill thatmotorcycling brought to the life of a rider, there aredeeper and more seriousreasons why many people choose to ride a motorcycle than drive a car now a days.There are different advantages in riding a bike that most people wanted toexperience. What are these advantages? More and more individuals are learninghow to ride a motorcycle today and are ditching their cars in exchange formotorcycles because of so many practical reasons. Transportation – When motorcyclesare first introduced to the public, their primary purpose is fortransportation. Life is easier when you have a motorcycle that can take youanywhere you want to go. Your daily errands are easier to accomplish if youhave a motorcycle you can ride going to the nearest grocery onitsuka tiger online store, pharmacy orclinic. A motorcycle is easy to park and can easily get away from a traffic. However, as years pass by motorcycling hasturned into a hobby and as well as a sport. Because of these, motorcyclesbecame a status symbol as well. There are different kinds or types ofmotorcycles also. Each has a different purpose or use. There are standards andstreet motorcycles which are used by many people for onitsuka tiger canada wheelock transportation while somehave sports bike, dirt bikes and motocross bikes which are used for asics canada official website extremesports or motorcycling. Despite the rampant use ofmotorcycles in different kind of sports, one of the most important reasons whymany people learn how to ride a motorcycle is to save money. With the currentstatus of our economy, a lot of people started to get interested with ridingbecause using a motorcycle everyday can save you a lot of money with regards tofuel cost. You will have lesser fuel expenses when riding a motorcycle thanriding your high powered car. In other words, riding a motorcycle is highlyeconomical. It is not a surprise to see a lotof people using a motorcycle today instead of cars because almost everyone isafter every ways and means in order save money. Motorcycle presented a verygood opportunity to lessen our daily expenses. Aside from saving on gas, ridinga motorcycle is anadvantage to many people because it is easy to maintain and easyto maneuver compared to other vehicles and is environment friendly.There are a lot more of reasonswhy many people wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle and to make it astheir daily means of transportation. But whatever is your reason for learninghow to ride a motorcycle, you must keep in mind that you must develop yourriding skills properly, wear the right safety gears and to follow the rules ofthe road every time you??re out riding.