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You heard that correctly.You can swing at 140 mph and it won??t mean anything unless your golf swing sequence and moment of impact is solid. There are lots of 300 yards in the woods! I have to chuckle when I see the Speed Stik commercials with Vijay.Swinging that thing harder and harder isn??t going to make your ball go straight??and asics canada official website if I??m correct, the goal is to get it in the fairway, right?The point I??m trying to get at is a more powerful, controlled, sequenced swing that does produce a higher clubhead speed, yet in control swing. One that has a consistent swing path and solidness of hit on the clubface.So how do you achieve this?The only way is to improve your golf-specific strength and flexibility!If you??ve read any of my 300 plus articles, you??ll know I come back to this time-and-time again. It??s your BODY that limits your golfing ability.Now picture this!You do some simple, ??in-home?? golf exercises and go to the course. You step up to the tee and rip one farther than you have in years and it stays in play.Doesn??t that sound more like it?There is a balance between a higher clubhead swing speed, control and sequence of motion that gets you back to impact hitting the ball in the center of your clubface. Swinging hard just to swing hard won??t accomplish your goals of longer/straighter drives.I receive emails from members, customers of my golf fitness dvds and onitsuka tiger canada sale manual who tell me who much more stable their swing has become doing my simple golf exercises, and how they are hitting it 20-30 yards further??consistently.So don??t get me wrong!I??m all about improving your golf swing clubhead speed??but with a stable swing??not one that is out of control and balance. I??m very proud when I receive these emails and know I??ve made yet another golfer a believer in golf training.So next time you see Vijay??s commercial for the Speed Stik, don??t run out and buy it with the intension your going to see that number go up-and-up. Buy it with the intension that your swing will be stronger,stabler and in better sequence.Then and asics onitsuka tiger canada online only then will increasing your golf swing clubhead speed be a factor.