If you happen to Try The Naver

The first thing that hit me was the smell. Of alcohol. This was undoubtedly Biore UV Aqua sunscreen level of ethanol. They weren’t kidding after they mentioned oil and water drop. This is strictly what it was. Again, I see sure similarities to Biore sunscreens. Appeared, as a result of at the identical time, 우리카지노 it wasn’t. Just like Biore, it absorbed to lovely nothing leaving zero stickiness, zero white solid, and zero filmy residue. However unlike Biore, it was deliciously moisturizing.

\ubb34\ub8cc \uc774\ubbf8\uc9c0 : \uc218\ud3c9\uc120, \ube5b, \uad6c\uc870, \uc9c0\ud3c9\uc120, \uc2dc\ud2f0, \ub9c8\ucc9c\ub8e8, \ub3c4\uc2dc \ud48d\uacbd ...It was lighter than Anessa (Shiseido) and Allie (Kanebo) sunscreens. It reminded me of Astablanc (Kose) day by day protector. It felt like a moisturizing cream masquerading as sunscreen. Today it was sunny, so I bravely slathered it onto my face. Despite the high alcohol content material, it gave me no adverse reaction. For research purposes, I topped it off with basis and it worked great beneath make-up. Truthfully, this appears to be a very respectable sunscreen suitable for dry skin (if you do not mind the fact that it contains ethanol).

As a result of apparently CosDNA doesn’t have crocodile oil in its database, despite it having a valid INCI identify, the oil dropped to the underside of the record. On the package deal it’s listed right after xanthan gum, for what it’s worth. I am kinda interested in that Codilus Saleoleum Balm (which is already out there on ebay and Gmarket) now. And the mysterious Codilus Magma Cream which received an award at the Ok-Beauty Expo last month – link here, however cannot be discovered anyplace on line.

And that’s it for my first Korean Glossybox. Looking ahead to the October version! When my blackheads were nonetheless quite distinguished earlier than I changed my cleanser to Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub Foam, I used this nose strip and the results had been very good compared to Biore. Unfortunately, at the time I did not think of starting a magnificence blog and so I didn’t take a photo. And now my blackheads aren’t as outstanding so the picture doesn’t look nearly as good.

Maybe I can use him as the guinea pig and put up a photograph right here in the close to future. Received the pictures. I was using my phone digicam so it could not focus very well however I think it’s fairly obvious how great it is at sticking to blackheads. Once i used Biore, I felt that it barely did anything for my blackheads. Yes, it eliminated some, notably these at the tip of my nose but that was it. Softymo, although, eliminated blackheads from the left, proper, and center of my nose.

The distinction in effectiveness was very evident.