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My problem with articles like these are that they are, at their core, trying to do a good thing. Let cease needless competition that often serves to hurt and rarely to uplift. That a good takeaway, but the incessant blame placed on the shoulders of Mr.

50 points submitted 15 days agoThe two diamond ships aren’t just hands, they’re entire arms. After we see Steven and Lars escape from that court room in “The Trial”, you can see a huge bust of what looks like White Diamond. Changing the exposure of this image can reveal that the bust does not have arms, and that it looks like it is incomplete.I too thought that pinks ship was originally a hand, but the more I think about it the more I’d like to see her fly around in legs lolnjrk97 25 points submitted 15 days agoAs I mentioned, and as you say, i dont think legs can look anything but goofy, but more onto the main point.

On the development front we had an extremely productive year creating significant value for our shareholders. I would like to highlight development stabilizations which came in slightly ahead of expectations and had an estimated margin of 29% and value creation of $583 million. 2017 was also an excellent year for our strategic capital business.

As we age, our skin composition changes, though, and changes uniquely, so how a perfume smells on one person will not necessarily be how it smells on another. Therefore, you need to work a little harder to find scents that suit you. The other factor is the message you want to send with the scents you wear.

It definitely wasn’t what I expected. With my first I thought I could eat whatever I wanted and ended up gaining 60 pounds. I thought the adaptation was spot on. That was actually a pretty fun spot when HARD was there, and it looks like it open for shows again so maybe we see more events there. Expo park where FYF is held is a large venue with multiple stages but AFAIK FYF and camp flog gnaw are the only big music events there and aren ravey. The Shrine feels like the buildings at NOS, like the Damus or whatever it called.

Seriously I was always a good programmer so I just a knack for it. I probably wouldn get hired at Google or anything but being above average and understanding architecture definitely puts me a few steps ahead of a lot of the people I run into outside of pure tech companies. I graduated shortly after the 2000 bust and there were sooooo many people who barely knew programming but go into IT because of the money.

Welcome to /r/BikiniBottomTwitter, a place to share all of your favorite memes from our favorite underwater residence, Bikini Bottom!Bikini Bottom has a unique way of examining the everyday and we here to showcase that. Whether it hilarious, wholesome, depressing, or surreal, Bikini Bottom offers relatable commentary that we all can enjoy. If you can respect that then please take a bus to Rock Bottom.Special thanks to u/BayonettaBasher!1.

The moment your call exceeds a minute, you are charged by the rate applicable for the next closest minute. Some carriers charge you for every three minutes, while there are others who charge you for every 6 seconds. This is a factor that you really need to consider while picking up the perfect call package for you.

It is your diet. If dieting does not work for you then try a different approach. Instead of torturing yourself and making it harder than it needs to be have fun and make it easier.. This is when the situation turned paranormal. I was in the hospital bed and my friend that had driven me was sitting next to me in a chair keeping me company. Suddenly at the foot of my bed, a woman just kind of materialized.

You don realize how many liberals out there own guns and are turning away from the Democratic party over the attack on gun rights. I doubt I will ever vote for any ultra conservative from the Republican party, but with the way some of the democrats spout off, some of the more center republicans begin to look favorable. Or at least my vote will be lost to an independent.

There is no personality. Even with the fake Twitter, it almost tedious to read through it all and there no point in the end. When I think of fond memories of football video games, most of them come from NFL2K5, madden 06 and NCAA 06. We have made disciplined investment in people and platform to support our Canadian expansion with key partners like bebe. Early returns in this initiative are encouraging with a 57% increase in revenue in the quarter. Our heightened focus on this market has been rewarded with increased receipts and plan for 2015 and enhanced business and real estate in many doors..

Although Disney has exceptional valuable content and rights, it is likely to struggle to add subscribers for its own video streaming service at a pace sufficient to avoid a cash and EPS drag for the foreseeable future. Facebook has the perfect platform to bring its content to market but will need to invest heavily to build up a compelling library, which would put a strain on its finances. Rather than compete, I believe Facebook and Disney should partner, as each company has what the other needs..

All his retinue now strained their eyes, hoping to discover something on the looms, but they could see no more than the others; nevertheless, they all exclaimed, “Oh, how beautiful!” and advised his majesty to have some new clothes made from this splendid material, for the approaching procession. “Magnificent! Charming! Excellent!” resounded on all sides; and everyone was uncommonly gay. The Emperor shared in the general satisfaction; and presented the impostors with the riband of an order of knighthood, to be worn in their button holes, and the title of “Gentlemen Weavers.”.

Sadly, I think WOB is that she going to show up more and more. I love the books, but honestly, don know how much more of her and her immersion breaking existence I can stand. To be fair, she was toned down from Edgedancer, maybe as she gets older she grow out of being annoying? Right now she someone Kender Character in D I think Brandon has taken some feedback on her into account? Still, I love all his characters, even if I hate them as people, I still think they are good characters.

And so much depends on the coach and specific gym, or whatever they call them. The one near my office is full of people using terrible form so I decided not to join. And I like to choose my own workouts and not have to do the same thing as everyone else each day.

So I pack up our stuff while trying to keep the newborn latched, and haul all three of us to the bathroom. As luck would have it my girl had to poo, not pee. So she takes like 15 minutes to poo. The gross margin of Victoria’s Secret deteriorated in a meaningful way as a result of promotional activity during the quarter, however. The business is exiting its swimwear and apparel lines, and the clearing of such merchandise contributed negatively to margin performance in the quarter. While such a move will continue to pressure results in the near term, we like what a refined focus could do for the brand in such a difficult retail operating environment.

My family (mom, aunt, myself, grandmother and brother) were sitting around the dinner table for lunch. My brother was about 4 at the time me at 14 or 15. He had a lisp then where all of his s were th We were all just chit chatting when my brother says this thing we all stop talking.


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