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Acquiring wealth seems to be the mindset of many people due to the need for survival in the modern society that we live in. We all need food, clothes, money for rent, cell phones and the list goes on. Mata Kedutan di Jam Tertentu Ada Arti Khusus

What few people realize is that from birth most of us are destined to be poor. Chances are you will be taught very early in life that “Dad or Mom is going to work now”. Soon you will be asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

As soon as we can be away from home and go to the bathroom ourselves we are shoved into some kind of educational system that teaches us all our lives that we need a job, that we must choose a career for ourselves.

In addition to this, we are taught that we must contribute our fair share of taxes to the government, and that when we retire the government will take care of us through Old Age Security payments and medical care.

Once were ready to go off to college, we are encouraged to get a student loan, and we are offered credit cards so that we can establish “our credit rating”! Soon we are in debt in over our head and we find ourselves struggling all of our lives trying to keep a balance between debt and enjoyment.

These kind of phrases are repeated so many times through life that few people seem to ask if there “Are any other choices that I could make”?

I’m glad that your ready to ask that question. The truth is that there are other choices that you could make to acquire wealth.

The first area to look at is your borrowing practices.

The next is to examine if you really need that $70,000 loan for education.

Discover your talent and start your business doing something you love.

Most people go through life following the crowd and cultural ideas and never make it beyond a job or career. People with a mindset to creating wealth find innovative ways to do what they want to do without using any of their own money or putting a lien on their personal property.

When you consider the enslavement of borrowing money and the amount of interest you pay to have the things you want

By now you may realize that staying out of debt is already building your wealth. No, you Do Not need to go into debt. No, you Do Not need to have a line of credit. No, you Do Not need to borrow educational loans. And no, you not need a line of credit just to survive each month.

Yes, you will have to rent housing for now. Yes, you can educate yourself through books purchased “Used” from grad students or Amazon. Yes, you can start your own business on a shoe string. Many successful people have done it before and you can too!

Having a mindset toward building wealth is really to go against everything you know. You must renew your mindset to discover your wealth building potential.

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