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During bowhunting,deer calls can save a lot of time in tracking a game. Basically, a deer callsto locate other deer nearby and to let their presence be known to them. Duringthe rut, they use it to attract other deer for mating purposes. People havestarted using deer calls to attract deer when hunting, because this makesfinding a prey easier. Deer calls can be categorized into five divisions:Agonistic, Distress/Alarm, Mating, Neonatal/Maternal, and Contact.              Agonistic             Thefirstlevel of aggression is the Grunt: most deer usually use this call. This calltypically attracts any buck in the rut. The second level of aggression is theGrunt-Snort: most bucks use this when there is a conflict between it andanother buck ?? especially the dominant bucks during breeding season. The thirdand highest level of aggression is the Grunt-Snort-Wheeze: bucks can be heardperforming this when they are about to fight or charge. Inferior bucks will bescared off by this; whereas, other dominant ones will be attracted to it.             Alarm/Distress             A deer thatuses this call indicates that it is injured, hurt, afraid, or ensnared.Usually, other deer will come to the aid of the call??s performer. An alarmsnort warn other deer that there is danger nearby, whether they smelled, saw,or heard something that seems dangerous. In bowhunting, using a call ofthis manner attract games to inspect the area of where the call is heard. Somefawns are also attracted by this out of curiosity.              Mating             Matingcalls usually attract dominant bucks in search of does. Some bucks, however,are attracted to it because they want to see if there are other bucks in theirterritory. This is most effective during breeding season.             Neonatal/Maternal             This typeof call is chiefly used by does and their fawns to locate each other. A doeuses this to call their fawns to feed them or to tell them that she is nearby.When a fawn calls their doe, typically means that they are in need of attentionor feeding. During bowhunting, this can quickly attract caring does.             Contact             This callis by no means threatening. It is a social call to simply tell other deer thatthey are there or to locate other deer. Does, asics onitsuka tiger canada online bucks, and asics canada official website fawns can be attractedby this call because of their curiosity.              Using callsin bowhuntingsessions is easy if the appropriate call is used at theappropriate situation. Hunting has become easier after this technology has beeninvented.